Finishing packages


BASIC programme

750 pln /m2

Informations about programme

The BASIC Programme offers a reasonable price with higher quality products and a greater choice compared to a lower programme. Decide for yourself or let the designer choose. Just specify what style and colour scheme you like in the interior. The Programme is also ideally suited to rental flats where we have a limited budget but not at the expense of quality.

Colours in the rooms? At least 57. Tiles in the bathroom – 23 series to choose from. Bath or shower? Oval or rectangular shapes? Light or dark floor ?

Any colours from Beckers paints of the ready-made paint palette, 2 series of laminate floor panels, 23 series of tiles to choose from, 4 acrylic bathtubs, 6 types of cabins, 4 bathroom tap series, 5 door lines to choose from.

Informations about programme

With the Comfort Programme, the number of products to choose from is still increasing! Here the statistics from the catalogue are impressive. Our designer will help you make the optimal choice so that you can enjoy your dream interior. Your task is to collaborate on the design and approve what suits you best, the rest will be taken care of by our construction team.

Any colours from the Beckers palette of the ready-made paints, 4 series of floor panels, 32 series of tiles to choose from, 5 series of ceramics (washbasins with semi pedestals and hanging bowls with board), 5 types of buttons for the frame, 8 series of bathroom taps, 14 shower cubicles, 8 bathtubs (acrylic or steel), 7 lines of doors.

COMFORT programme

895 pln /m2

PREMIUM programme

1050 pln /m2

Informations about programme

In the PREMIUM programme we have selected products from the highest price range, the most fashionable series of recognised manufacturers. Highest quality and modern design.

We are convinced that our choice will satisfy the most demanding clients.

The PREMIUM package is an offer for clients expecting the highest quality products and finishing materials, while maintaining, however, a reasonable final price.

If the budget is not a constraint, we suggest the implementation of an individual programme.

What’s in the packages?


1. Meeting

Recognition of Client’s needs. Discussion about the offer, our ideas for the functionality of the flat. Reviewing catalogues, additional materials.


2. Selection of the package

Selection of the standard of flat finishing (package). At this point, the basic budget for turnkey finishing is determined.



3. Signing the contract

We already know the assumptions for the project and the budget, so we can sign the contract. After signing the contract, we assist in the acceptance of the premises from the developer, free of charge.


4. Measurement

Measurement of the flat and preliminary inspection of the flat condition (evenness of walls, condition of windows and glass, window sills, entrance doors, concrete leveling, water and sewage connections). For the purposes of project preparation we also take photos of the premises.


5. Product selection

Joint selection of products in the catalogue of the selected package. We draw up a selection list. Establishment of assumptions


6. Selection of additional products

Optional selection of products from outside the package, selection of kitchen, household appliances, wardrobes made-to-measure, custom furniture. Valuation of possible changes to products not included in the package, valuation of an additional option. We attach to the contract an annex containing changes to the basic package, new amounts and delivery dates. Payment for an additional option.



We help in collecting an apartment from the developer

7. Visualisation

Preparation of an overview project/visualisation of the flat and a bathroom. Presentation, corrections and approval by the Client.


8. Commencement of work

Protocol of acceptance of the premises, stocking up the construction site, commencement of wet works.


9. Wet acceptance

Wet acceptance, i.e. after tiling, concrete leveling, preparing walls for painting, etc.


10. Contiunation of work

Stocking up bathroom, floors, doors. Painting walls, flooring, installing doors.


11. Optional equipment

Kitchen, built-in wardrobes, household appliances, lighting, custom furniture and other additional products selected from outside the basic packages.


12. Completion of work

Cleaning, visual inspection with the Client and drawing up the final acceptance protocol. Issuance of final invoices and provision of a guarantee.


Why to choose us?

  • sanitary and installation wholesaler, operating on the market since 1990
  • wide range of assortment outside the standard packages
  • 150 turnkey projects in the years 2014-2016
  • every year we receive the Gold Payer (Złoty Płatnik) certificate in the Hermes ranking

What distinguishes us?

Even in the cheapest package we offer a full range of Beckers paints from the palette of ready-made paints, frame and hanging bowl, tiles up to door height, mirror glued in the bathroom, kitchen apron and higher quality sanitary fittings (bathroom and kitchen taps).

Dear customer,

If the flat is finished, you can do everything yourself: accept the flat. Drive from shop to shop choosing products or surfing the web. Select the equipment so that it fits together. Do not forget about traps, hoses, valves… Order, pay, arrange transport. Be in the flat when delivery arrives, in one or more batches. Probably in more batches… tiles will be delivered by one company. Bathroom furnishings are usually delivered by another company. You have to get the paints yourself. Floor panels can be ordered in one of the shops together with the installation. But in which store? If we ordered the door too late, there may be a limited selection of those readily available… Furniture and household appliances for the kitchen is another challenge… A team… as many teams as many stories.

Many other problems are on the way to our flat.

You probably know such stories from various sources. The nerves that accompany the finishing of the flat, not to mention the money that is being diverted in an uncontrolled way and sometimes you do not even know what it is spent on. Do we really have time for it? And health?


Grast&MTB offers you several packages of turnkey flat finishing. Everyone will find inspiration in the catalogues, first of all thanks to a huge selection of great bathroom tile series from the latest collections of Polish brand manufacturers. We also have the widest selection of ceramics, bathtubs, cabins and taps. Being a direct distributor of leading manufacturers since 1990, we always have access to new collections. Ordering a turnkey finishing of a developer’s flat at a company which does it every day, which will sign a contract with us and issue invoices with VAT 8%, will give a guarantee, prepare a project, deliver goods for construction, ensure that the team is by far the cheapest option. The Client’s most important task is to cooperate with us in the creation of the interior design of their dreams, signing a contract and sending payments after each stage of work to one account number. To one company. It really happens to us to do it all remotely, via e-mail or skype, when the Client lives far away or has really little time for meetings. Someone works abroad. Someone else lives somewhere in Poland and buys the first flat for a child who starts studies in the capital. Other clients are really busy employees of a corporation. Or parents of small children. These are our Clients. We also invite you to finish your flat on a turnkey basis in a short time, with a price guarantee.

Customer Testimonials

The most important

is the detail

Anna Woźniak

owner of a new apartment

“In GRAST&MTB they know how to create a stylish and comfortable living interior from many elements. I am very happy with the new interior!”

The right selection
of furniture
and accessories
for your interior

We know how to combine colors, patterns and materials so that the result is a stylistically coherent interior that you don’t want to leave. Tell us what decor you dream about and we will plan a stylish arrangement in which harmony reigns.

We value good communication

Feel free to contact us to choose a package for your needs.

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