Frequently Asked Questions

Do you help in collecting the apartment?
Yes. Our coordinator is present when collecting your apartment from the developer. This is important from the point of view of our later work, which may be affected by defects in the premises. Such defects noticed earlier should be repaired by the developer before our team enters the apartment.
What is the time of finishing works?
We have 10 weeks to carry out the works from the date of signing the acceptance report from the client.
Can a company only design a salon?
No. We provide comprehensive interior finishing.
What is the project implementation time?
We carry out design work up to 45 days. Such information is also included in the contract.
Is it long to wait for the crew to enter and start work?
No. We have enough finishing teams to finish the next apartment. It doesn’t take long before work begins.
Is it possible to enter the premises during finishing works?
Yes, but only after informing the work coordinator. This will avoid any damage if you enter the premises with a freshly laid floor or painted walls.
Can you also order furniture from you?
Yes. Our designers can design kitchen and bathroom furniture, wardrobes, etc. Furniture is the last stage of work that we do in your premises.
Is it possible to supply some finishing materials within your scope?
No. We work only on our materials, proven manufacturers. This is a condition of our warranty, which we recommend for the materials.
Do you give any warranty for materials and works?
Yes. We provide warranty on materials in accordance with the manufacturer’s warranty. The warranty for finishing work is included in the contract and it is 24 months.

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